Welcome to Adarsh Mahavidhyalaya

Respected Guardian, Dream and keep the sense of realizing them in the heart. For this purpose the developmental education institute continues to strive in the overall development of students in the last 37 years.This institute has established new pillars in the field of education pacing on the path of hard work, firm determination and disciline.

There is no cost for stones in the world, but the sculpture is precious. The stone a sculptor touches, becomes precious. A student is just like a unhewned stone, which can be chiselled by an Ideal teacher so that our student may take the form of a sculpture.The Institute for you is playing the role of the sculptor for 37 years.

Vision Mission

To built active citizens supporting in the intellectual development of students to serve the society and the country and we provide students the highest education in disciplined environment,forward the institute on the stages of continued growth in the field of education.To encourage students for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and self development,To plan organized implement effective programs for students. Offer quality education and provide adequate facilities to students.

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